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All of Campus. One Calendar.

Stay organized without the effort. Scapegoat connects you to an entire database of calendars relevant to your campus lifestyle. Customize calendar categories to keep all aspects of your life easily organized and accessible.

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Schedule Smarter.

University enterprise systems are the WORST. Save yourself time by letting Scapegoat find your perfect schedule without a trip to your advisor's office? Plus, our algorithm incorperates professor ratings and your facebook friends to recommend the optimal section for required courses.

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Campus Life, Consolidated.

Connect to, and discover the perfect organizations to match your personal interests and hobbies. Keep up to date on all meetings and events without the hassle of endless email chains and obnoxious group chats.

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Graduation Tracker & Campus Map.

Student loans are no joke. Don't risk making the mistake of falling short a few credit hours come graduation. Our tracker visualizes your progress in real-time, and lets you see exactly which requirements you still need to fulfill.

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